Quadrant One


In the First Quadrant, we completely break down pitching mechanics, from balance to through release. We focus solely on developing consistency through every phase of the delivery. Our method is to simplify the delivery without creating “over thought”. We also recognize that each pitcher is unique and focus on the results of executing pitches, and not trying to fit each pitcher into a single mold. We have the “if it’s not broken, tweak it” approach to mechanics. We focus heavily on balance throughout to minimize any threat of injury for all our pitchers. We encourage each pitcher to be unique within his/her delivery as long as there is consistency within the key areas. These areas include:

Balance Throughout Delivery


Follow Through

Release Point

Quadrant Two

Command and Control
In Quadrant two, we focus on pitch-to-pitch command. Early in the pitchers’ development, we will focus solely on fastball command. Once our young arms demonstrate the ability to spot his/her fastball consistently, we will then move on to command of secondary pitches. Command of pitches does not always mean hitting the corners of the plate. There are some situations that call for a breaking ball in the dirt, or a high fastball to change the hitter’s eye level. In this Quadrant, our training will consists of lots of situational pitching, simulated through practice and repetition. Our goals for the Command and Control Quadrant include:

Fastball Command

Corner Awareness

Strike zone toughness

Secondary Pitch Command

Quadrant Three

Physical Preparation 
In the Third Quadrant, we focus on developing the body of young pitchers through rigorous exercise and training. We know that being physically fit ties directly into the 4th Quadrant, Mental Approach. Our motto is simple, “If you feel good, you pitch good (well).” Pitchers will be put through a series of exercises to help strengthen their core muscles, legs and back. The main goals of Quadrant Three, Physical Preparation, are:

Base Focus

Core Development


Balance Exercises

Quadrant Four

Mental Approach 
We saved the most important Quadrant for last. In this Quadrant, we focus solely on the mental aspects of pitching. Being a pitcher can sometimes feel like being on an island, and that can weigh heavily on young pitchers. As a pitcher, each game or opponent presents a different set of challenges and we teach mental readiness. Throughout each game, pitchers can get into a rhythm. That rhythm can either be good or bad. In this Quadrant, we train pitchers how to take advantage of the good rhythm and work themselves out of the bad. What sets the good pitchers apart from everyone else is not always “STUFF”. Most times, it’s the natural toughness or mindset of the pitcher. Young pitchers often try to be too perfect which normally results in mistakes over the middle of the plate. In Quadrant Two, we train for strike zone tenacity, and first pitch toughness. The Mental Approach will be the most important of all 4 Quadrants for most kids, and is also the most difficult to simulate. Our key learning objectives in this area are:

Pitch Purpose

Defeating the Moment

Understanding the Situation

Visualizing Success